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All clients of Echo receive senior level attention throughout all phases of an engagement. Echo professionals have a proven track record of innovation, senior level analysis, integrity, and flawless execution in challenging market conditions. We invite you to contact us to discuss any of your financial needs.


ROBERT R. KINTNER, Senior Vice President, Director of Echo Monitoring Solutions

Experience:  Mr. Kintner joined Echo in 2011 to provide financial and hedge advisory services for public and private corporations, not-for-profit organizations, state and local governments. Since 1997, he has been active in various financial markets with the most significant experience in the structuring, pricing and execution of interest rate swaps and other derivative products for purposes of hedging, trading, balance sheet and risk management. Prior to joining Echo, he served in the following capacities: Financial Advisor, Hedge Advisor; Senior Sales and Marketing Specialist for web-based hedge valuation service; Hedge Pricing Analyst and Structuring Specialist; Short-Term Municipal Underwriter and Trader; and an Assistant Trader and Underwriter of tax-exempt and taxable debt. Mr. Kintner assisted in the development and management of a Tender Option Bond Program; performed underwriting and remarketing for short-term and variable rate municipal issues across the Country; assisted with proprietary trading and hedging strategies for municipal bonds; and provided ongoing monitoring and valuation of hedging instruments for non-profit and governmental municipal bond issuers. Mr. Kintner has an in-depth understanding of the Dodd-Frank regulatory compliance requirements for hedging entities and is proficient in the significant FASB and GASB related accounting guidance on derivatives including hedge accounting per ASC Topic 815 (FAS133) and GASB 53 and fair value credit adjustments per ASC Topic 820 (FAS157). His extensive experience in the financial markets and market prowess in some of the most complex financial instruments has resulted in the generation of unique ideas, strategies and favorable execution.

Education:  Mr. Kintner earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Millersville University, Pennsylvania.