Echo Financial Products


Echo’s team of professionals has been carefully selected for their breadth and depth of expertise serving the needs of not-for-profit, corporate and governmental borrowers. We recognize that guidance of a financial advisor is often sought in connection with a very specific situation or transaction. However, in contrast to many competitors, we avoid having a trader’s transaction-oriented mentality in favor of developing big-picture, long-term relationships with our clients. Echo’s approach to providing assistance is based in the belief that decisions should not be made in isolation. The best solutions are those developed with a comprehensive understanding of a client’s overall debt and asset management strategy, together with an appreciation for how present day decisions and transactions may impact future plans and flexibility.

With our extensive experience and industry expertise as bankers, financial and derivative advisors, each professional at Echo possesses the unique skill set necessary to delivery insightful, effective solutions on specific transactions while maintaining perspective of our clients’ long-term needs and objectives.

The following briefly summarizes the various services that Echo provides in its normal course of business. We have separated these services into four specific areas of expertise recognizing that not every client will require the full complement/array of our service spectrum:

  • Financial Advisory
  • Swap Advisory
  • Reinvestment/Bidding Agent Services
  • Swap Monitoring and Valuation Solutions

We are confident that you will find our expertise and attention to detail to be superior in each area and would be happy to provide references from current and past clients. We look forward to discussing your unique needs and providing a more in-depth compilation of our services as requested. Brief resumes of our staff are also included herein.