Echo Financial Products


Echo Financial Products, LLC was originally founded with a primary focus on providing independent derivative advisory service to its clients. Although Echo's spectrum of services has expanded to cover the full range of financial advisory services, we continue to boast one of the most qualified and experienced derivative advisory teams in the business. Having been an emphasis of our firm from day one, the professionals at Echo have a longstanding and consistent track record for delivering inventive solutions and effective results to its clients. Our seasoned professionals operate in the derivative markets on a daily basis giving Echo the ability to provide accurate, real time guidance and advice on both a transactional and portfolio basis.

Organizations may utilize derivative products for a myriad of reasons from managing various types of risk exposure to proactively taking a position in a particular market. Regardless of the underlying purpose, Echo applies a four-stage approach to assisting its clients in assessing and implementing any derivative product:

  • Evaluation

    Our first responsibility is the evaluation of a strategy's appropriateness for each particular situation. This includes not only a review of the proposed strategy and how it fits within an organization's goals but also a thorough analysis of any transaction's potential benefits and risks. Ironically, one of the most valuable services that we can provide to a client is to identify and discourage an ill-advised or inappropriate transaction.
  • Structure

    After concluding that a strategy is appropriate and in line with the organization's goals and risk profile, Echo assists its clients in formulating a structure that achieves the desired outcome utilizing the most efficient structure. Intimate knowledge of market intricacies enables Echo to develop and ultimately tailor structures that capitalize on market environments to maximize efficiency.
  • Documentation

    Frequently minimized or ignored by our competitors, the terms and conditions contained in the documents governing derivative transactions are of paramount importance. Derivative documents become part of an organization's overall debt management strategy and must be negotiated with an understanding of the overall financial picture and with the intention of preserving future flexibility. Echo's staff has a reputation of aggressively negotiating to procure document terms that favor its clients, understanding that many such points often come down to a multifaceted cost/benefit analysis.
  • Pricing

    Once a particular structure has been properly vetted, structured, and documented, the professionals at Echo will conduct and oversee the pricing process (whether competitively bid or negotiated directly) with each client's financing team to ensure transparent and efficient execution. To deliver this service, Echo utilizes state of the art technology capable of modeling and pricing derivative transactions of all types and complexities.