Echo Financial Products


The value of quality financial advisory services has increased considerably as the volatility of markets, economic challenges, and scrutiny surrounding terms and conditions of financial documentation have all escalated. Organizations are being confronted with complex and unique financial challenges, many of which were never previously encountered. Utilizing our diverse financial backgrounds and knowledge base accumulated over many years and hundreds of transactions, Echo's financial advisory services add value by developing creative, customized solutions for our clients. Successful financial transactions are grounded upon clearly identified objectives defined around an organization's existing capital and security structure, long-term needs and risk tolerance, and culminated with transaction leadership, market expertise, and transparent execution. Similar to our other services, we take a holistic approach to address each client's needs and objectives, a brief description of this process is shown below:

  • Evaluation

    In order to effectively address each organization's financial situation, it is necessary to fully understand its distinct set of challenges. Echo initially meets with management to gain an appreciation of the goals and corresponding short- and long-term obstacles facing them. We perform a thorough, detail-oriented review of outstanding indebtedness, structure of other financial obligations and financial documentation including existing covenants and restrictions. This all-important extensive examination establishes the base on which current and future decisions can be applied.
  • Analysis

    Utilizing information from our initial evaluation, we work with the financing team to develop a comprehensive plan of finance; balancing immediate needs with long-term goals and future flexibility. This includes assessing current market opportunities in relation to existing indebtedness including refunding and/or restructuring prospects along with analyzing various financing alternatives and structures. Our independence allows our analysis to be free of outside influences, we are not tied to any firm specific product or structure. This allows us to provide each client with a full and objective risk/benefit breakdown of all available options, taking into account both measurable and immeasurable factors, in order to accomplish the desired objectives within the constraints of the broader plan of finance.
  • Structuring/Documentation

    As a leader of the transaction team, we understand the long-term implications that a poorly designed financing can have on an organization. Consequently, we exercise great care to ensure all transactions are properly structured both in regard to economic and business terms that are vetted and understood. In that light, we assist in procuring additional services, preparing financial analyses, as well as assist in the negotiating of terms and covenants in documentation that accomplishes the objectives at hand. Simultaneously, we believe that all decisions on financial, structuring, and business issues need to be viewed globally and appropriately tempered to ensure that quick fixes do not impede the financial flexibility of the organization moving forward.
  • Implementation

    In order to successfully finalize the terms of any financial transaction, a balance of nimble flexibility, real-time market intelligence and efficient and transparent execution must be maintained. The broad experience our professionals provide in this critical phase of the transaction cannot be underemphasized. Over the course of our professional lives, we have encountered a myriad of market environments and events spanning many types of organizations and financing structures that enable us to provide confident execution and implementation. Subsequently, Echo continues to work closely with the financing team to make necessary supplementary decisions (investment of bond proceeds, for example) and to assure a timely and successful closing of the transaction.

Although the above generally describes services associated with an individual transaction, more often than not, we become a long-term partner with our clients providing capital market insight, evaluating risks and potential benefits of various proposals submitted to clients, as well as addressing particular issues that routinely arise at times that clients are not actively involved in a financing. Echo's practice of delivering quality service and a comprehensive, successful capital structure requires constant vigilance. With this in mind, Echo continues to provide ongoing advice and support after the completion of a specific engagement assessing the various components of the capital plan with an eye towards taking advantage of opportunities and mitigating the effects of negative events as they arise.