Echo Financial Products


Echo's key strengths as a provider of reinvestment bidding services is the unique backgrounds and breadth of our staff experience, our perspective in regard to the complete financial structure, and our proactive approach to the process. The use of a structuring and bidding agent, devoted solely to these instruments, adds significant value to the vehicle features, flexibility, and investment yield. Application applies to customized investment products designed for:

  • Construction and Project Funds
  • Capitalized Interest Accounts
  • Debt Service Funds
  • Debt Service Reserve Funds
  • Escrow Funds
  • Other bond related Funds

Echo's professional staff specializes in the reinvestment options available to meet the unique requirements of these funds. We aggressively seek opportunities in this dynamic market and search for enhancements on each and every transaction. A variety of reinvestment options available include:

  • Guaranteed investment contracts
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Forward starting swaps
  • Security portfolios
  • Various other investment options

Each borrower has a unique set of financial goals that most often encompass the balance of risk and yield, legal restrictions, and flexibility. Each must be addressed on an individual basis fitting into the overall context of the financing structure. Echo seeks to provide all investment options in order to select the most appropriate vehicle for the specific circumstance. A brief summary of the reinvestment bidding agent and structuring services together with the procurement process follows:

  • Review of permitted investment language
  • Analysis of financial requirements of designated funds
  • Determine available investment options
  • Provide education on terms and yield/risk balance of options
  • Prepare and manage a full and transparent competitive bidding process
  • Review final documents and coordinate closing